Elvis Depressedly 'Depressedelica'

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Mathew Lee Cothran’s stellar new album, ‘Depressedelica,’ is something of a love letter to music itself, a synthesis of the broad spectrum of art and influence that shaped his youth and forged his singular sensibilities. ‘Depressedelica’ marks Cothran’s first album of new material under the Elvis Depressedly moniker in four years, and it finds him writing and recording more adventurously than ever before, pushing sonic boundaries and blurring genre lines with gleeful abandon. As wide-ranging as the arrangements here are—autotuned vocals and remixed video game samples sit side by side with hazy guitars and droning synths—the collection as a whole feels remarkably cohesive and sharply focused, the unmistakable vision of a songwriter and producer with a voracious musical appetite and a firm grasp on his identity.

1 Who Can Be Loved In This World?
2 Jane, Don't You Know Me?
3 Chariot
4 Primal Sigh
5 Can You Hear My Guitar Rotting?
6 Holo World
7 Chariot (Reprise)
8 Peace On Earth
9 Control
10 Let's Break Up The Band
11 New Love In The Summertime