Young Guv 'GUV IV'

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Dive deeper into the world of Young Guv with GUV IV, the second full-length album from the Guv himself Ben Cook this year. Written entirely in the Sangre de Cristo mountain range of New Mexico following a cancelled tour in the spring of 2020, the songs on GUV IV range in the way that only a Young Guv record can - from Laurel Canyon jangle to British Invasion blues-pop to AM-radio Americana to the mildly sleazy electro pop on a song-by-song basis. But at its core, GUV IV is a collection of songs dedicated and testifying to the eternal healing power of love.

1. Too Far Gone
2. Change Your Mind
3. Sign From God
4. Overcome
5. Love Me Don't Leave Me
6. Cry 2 Sleep
7. Cold InThe Summer
8. Maybe I Should Luv Somebody Else
9. Helium
10. Nervous Around U
11. No Where At All
12. Wind In My Blood