The Berries 'High Flying Man'

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On High Flying Man, the third LP by Matt Berry’s pseudo-eponymous project The Berries, loss and desire take center stage. Berry delves deep into 21st century malaise, crafting densely layered songs which project an unshakable yearning for deliverance from the world’s shortcomings. Each track extends an outstretched palm towards universal connection, blending a complex of mix of pop hooks, rock swagger, and psychedelia into dejected populist anthems. Faced with the perils of an isolating world, High Flying Man reignites the tradition of great American songwriting, speaking in the voice of the longing masses. At heart, Berry demands more life, rejecting both arty cynicism and nostalgic escapism.

1. Western Township
2. Prime
3. Down That Road Again
4. High Flying Man
5. Eagle Eye
6. Life's Blood
7. Exceptional Fabric
8. A Drop of Rain
9. Choose to Get High
10. Give Me Your Money