Turnover 'Myself in the Way: Remixes'

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Pre-order shipping in early June.

Limited vinyl pressing featuring 10 reimagined versions of songs from Turnover's album Myself in the Way. Physical version includes only remixes.

1. Myself in the Way (middlestates Remix)
2. Myself in the Way (Young Guv Remix)
3. Wait Too Long (Anthenagin Remix)
4. Wait Too Long (EXIT COST Remix)
5. People That We Know (Toy Problem Remix)
6. Mountains Made of Clouds (Healing Potpourri Remix)
7. Ain't Love Heavy (Hush Remix)
8. Stone Station (Toy Problem Remix)
9. Bored of God / Orlando (Toy Problem Remix)
10. Mountains Made of Clouds (Frank Watkinson Version)