Run For Coevr 'RFC20 Music Video Compilation'

Product Information //

Shipping in late May
To celebrate the 20 year history of our label, Run For Cover has compiled some of our favorite music videos to create a visual time-capsule. This collection showcases songs from over twenty different RFC artists, previously only available online. While we couldn’t fit every music video onto one tape, this anthology collects early classic videos from bands like Tigers Jaw and Pity Sex as well as new picks from Anxious, Sadurn, Fiddlehead and more.

As an independent label dedicated to the preservation of our favorite songs through physical media, it feels right to put some of our all-time favorite videos on tape. Although it was a lot easier to find a way to watch VHS tapes in 2004, we’re glad this one has found a way into your collection & we’re excited to bring you another twenty years of music videos. - RFC

Video List:
Superheaven - Life in a Jar
Citizen - How Does It Feel?
Pity Sex - Wind-Up
Superheaven - No One's Deserving
Modern Baseball - Your Graduation
Tigers Jaw - Hum
Hostage Calm - A Thousand Miles Away From Here
Adventures - Heavenly
Turnover - New Scream
Citizen - Yellow Love
Modern Baseball - Wedding Singer
Turnover - Super Natural
Fiddlehead - Lay Low
Field Medic - henna tattoo
Fury - Vacation
Young Guv - Luv Always
Healing Potpourri - Blanket of Calm
glass beach - classic j dies and goes to hell part 1
Narrow Head - Stuttering Stanley
Wicca Phase Springs Eternal - I Want to Go Out Tonight
Citizen - Blue Sunday
Fiddlehead - Million Times
One Step Closer - Pringle Street
Portrayal of Guilt - where the suffering never ends
waveform* - Favorite Song
Anxious - In April
Sadurn - Snake
Horse Jumper of Love - I Poured Sugar in Your Shoes
Narrow Head - Gearhead
Temple of Angels - Tangled in Joy
Sun June - Get Enough
Fiddlehead - Fifteen to Infinity